What is JIN-KEI?

JIN-KEI is a collection of CloudFormation templates created by AMIMOTO. These templates are designed to be used with AMIMOTO AMIs available in the AWS Marketplace.

These CloudFormation templates deploy the necessary hardware such as RDS, CloudFront, EC2 and more.

Why use JIN-KEI?

For sites that need high-availability JIN-KEI offers 1-Click launch options through the power of CloudFormation. Deploy an AMIMOTO server running WordPress with Auto Scaling and MultiAZ in a matter of minutes and with no coding necessary.

Fun Fact

JIN-KEI (陣形) in Japanese means "formation." It is a tactical formation that’s necessary to have the upper hand to win a battle.

provides templates that are optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce. It is a useful, time-saving tool that provides robust infrastructure tailored for various needs.


We recommend launching JIN-KEI CloudFormation templates directly from Amazon Web Services using their 1-Click deploy option. Check out our launch guide for more info and getting started.

Available JIN-KEI Options

JIN-KEI Simple Stack

JIN-KEI Simple Stack is the most popular AMIMOTO CloudFormation option. It provides a powerful infrastructure while keeping the architecture simple and straightforward.

This template includes Amazon CloudFront configured to work with the AMIMOTO-AMI running on Amazon EC2 and option Auto Scaling, Amazon RDS with optional MultiAZ and S3 for Media Storage.

Using CloudFormation deliver low latency to your site anywhere in the world and recover automatically in the event of a server failure.

JIN-KEI Auto Scaling Stack

This template includes necessary tools such as AutoScale (automatically scaling your server to meet high traffic demands), CodeDeploy (deploys codes to autoscaled sever), and much more.

With a sturdy infrastructure template, hassle-free and zero failure WordPress sites are easily achieved.

What if I don't know how to use AWS?

If self-hosting on AWS isn't your thing, we also offer this infrastructure as a Managed Hosting service. WordPress Managed Hosting by AMIMOTO includes CDN on all plans, HTTPs, HTTP/2, optional Auto Scaling, and more.

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