Do you offer free trials for WordPress hosting services?

AMIMOTO offers hosting services in two ways. Self-Hosting on AWS or Fully-Managed Hosting directly through us.


Managed Hosting, no. Sorry! Self-Hosting, yes! 7 days for any self-hosting AMIMOTO product in the AWS Marketplace.

Managed Hosting AMIMOTO

At this time, we do not offer free hosting trials for Managed Hosting plans since the creation of these plans includes a cost to provision them. We realize migrating any site, high traffic or not is no easy task but we are here to help. If there are settings to adjust, code to review, suggestions to be made, we'll make them ensuring this process is as smooth as possible.

Get started with Managed Hosting on AMIMOTO today!

Self-Hosting on Amazon Web Services

If you are using an AMIMOTO product through the AWS Marketplace, we do offer a free trial for 7 days limited to 1 product. Fees for using AMIMOTO products in the Marketplace are paid directly to Amazon through your AWS account.

If you are curious and want to give AMIMOTO a try on your personal AWS account check out our getting started guide.

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