1. Install and activate plugin

Search post-smtp  on plugin page on WordPress dashboard, then install and activate.

2. Configuration

2-1. Click [Post SMTP] on sidebar menu, then click [Start the Wizard] button

2-2. Sender details

Input your email address to [Email Address]  and your name to [Name], then
Click [Next] button

2-3. Outgoing Mail Server Hostname

Input your SMTP server to [Outgoing Mail Server Hostname].
smtp.gmail.com  will be set if you set Gmail address in previous step.

2-4. Connectivity Test

Choose SMTP port number and authentication.
If you use Gmail, select [SMTP - gmai.com:587] , then click [Next].

2-5. Authentication

Click [ Google Developers Console Gmail Wizard] to get  Client ID and Client Secret.
Never forget to copy [Authorized JavaScript origins] and [Authorized redirect URI] in this page, they'll be required to get above IDs.

2-6. Registering application

Choose [Create a project] then click [Continue] button.

2-7. Enabling API

Click [ Go to credentials] button, and never forget to copy [Authorized JavaScript origins] and [Authorized redirect URI] in this page, they'll be required

2-8. Add credentials to your project

Select [Gmail API] for [Which API are you using], [Web server] for [When will you be calling the API from?] and [User data] for [What data will you be accessing?] , then click [What credentials do I need?].

2-9. Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID

Name your setting into [Name], and paste copied value on step 2-5 into [Authorised JavaScript origins] and [Authorised redirect URLs].
Then click [Create client ID].

2-11. Credentials

Set same value to [Email address] you've set in step 2-3.
Input plugin name into [Product name shown to users] to easy to find.

Click [I'll do this later].

 2-13. Click pencil icon

Make sure to copy [Client ID] and [Client secret], and never tell them others.
Click [Save] after copying it.

 2-15.You'll back to setup wizard.
Paste [Client ID] and  [Client Secret], then click [Next]

That's all for setting up

3. Send test mail

Click [Send a Test Email] to check mail will be sent to set mail address.

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