1. Install and activate plugin

Search easy-mail-smtp  on plugin page on WordPress dashboard, then install and activate.

2. Configuration

2-1. Navigate [Settings]  -->  [Easy WP SMTP] 

2-2. SMTP Settings tab

  • From Email Address:   (eg.g:
  • From Name: (e.g. admin, web master)
  • Force From Name Replacement: If checked it set From Name to each mails.
  • Reply-To Email Address (optional):  Set address In-Reply-TO
  • SMTP Host: Specify SMTP server (e.g. , )
  • Type of Encryption: Set encryption
  • SMTP Port: Generally, it will be 25  /465  /587 . Ask your mail provider  port SMPT number and its encryption type.
  • SMTP Authentication: Set auth type (No /Yes)
  • SMTP Username: Set user name for SMTP server
  • SMTP Password: Set password for SMTP server

That's all for setting up. Click [Save Changes] to save values.

3.  Test mail

Navigate to [Test Email] tab and fill in the following field, then click [Send Test Email] 

  • TO
  • Subject
  • Message

That's all for setting up for this mail.

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