On AMIMOTO Managed Hosting, wp-config.php  requires local-config.php  on the same directory to read the setting for deleting CDN cache or other settings.

If you got an error message in the title, check the wp-config.php contains the below code: 

require_once( __DIR__ . '/local-config.php' );

If it doesn't, add the code to wp-config.php, then flush CDN cache.

Feel free to contact us with a chat if an error is still occurs.
Please share us the below when you contact us.

  • Server ID (e.g.: amimoto.a01234)
  • Domain name an error occurs (e.g.: www.example.com)
  • Error massage

About C3 Cloudfront Cache Controller

For more details of  C3 Cloudfront Cache Controller, check out support documents.

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