Some plans on Amimoto offer Auto Scaling as a feature. Auto Scaling is designed to accommodate traffic spikes by providing additional servers along side the original and distribute traffic.

Auto Scalings work differently than traditional servers and those differences come with a few considerations related to how sessions are handled, authentication, cookies, accessing the WordPress admin, and more.

Activating PHP Session Functions

By default, PHP sessions are not a feature on Amimoto as they come with a few performance disadvantages. However, this feature can be enabled if your site requires it but it may degrade performance.

One of the primary downsides for activating this function is removing the advantage of CDN caching.

Alternatively, it's a good idea to use a cookie for handling log-in information or other user management. 

For Managed Hosting customers we can add the cookie keys to the CDN whitelist to maximise CDN caching advantage. Please let us know below information to add cookie keys to the CDN whitelist.

  • Server ID (e.g. amimoto.01234  )
  • Domain name (e.g.  )
  • Cookie key to allow (e.g. qSI232qs*&dfaera#xwesXOw!a )

Please let us know below information to enable PHP session functions if your application should manage users with them.

  • Server ID to enable session function (e.g.  amimoto.01234)
  • Domain name to enable session functions (e.g. )
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