This document guides you how to access AMIMOTO server before switching/modifying DNS servers, or without setting DNS servers.

We will use hosts file which describes the correspondence between IP address and hostname (domain) and is a very information priority than the DNS. By changing the host file, you can check the operation without switching the DNS at the time of moving the work of the site

Note: you should not input $ or # placed on the first letter of each command

Format of hosts file

IP-address-of-AMIMOTO  [four or more white spaces ] your-domain-name




  • Modify hosts file using
  • Modify hosts file using hosts editor

Modify hosts file using

To modify hosts file, start the and run the following command. The will ask you the password of the administrator of your Mac, you should input ant hit [return] key.

$ sudo vi /etc/hosts

To save changes, hit [ESC] key then pushing [Shift] key and hit [Z] key twice.

Modify hosts file using hosts editor

Gas Mask is the easiest hosts editor


The following links may help your editing hosts file.

Modify hosts file using hosts editor

 Hosts File Editor is the easiest hosts editor

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