Self-hosting on AWS

Access Logs 


Error Logs


Managed Hosting

When you access the server as amimoto-user through SSH or SFTP, you can check following log directories.

Access Logs


Error Logs


Log File Descriptions

NGINX Log Files

access.log, {domain name}.access.log

General access logs to the server.

The server records all accesses to dynamic files, URLs or static files (e.g. CSS, HTML, JavaScript, image files) to this file.

backend.access.log, {domain name}.backend.access.log

Logs run by PHP scripts.

The server records scripts logs when NGINX runs processes behind the reverse proxy for dynamic files.

error.log {domain name}.backend.access.log

Logs for Nginx error.

Any error occurs on NGINX or its processes.


It's a particular kind of log.

If the server detects HTTPoxy vulnerabilities, it records activity when it occurs. Usually, it's empty, which is a good thing.



The server records errors of php-fpm.


Scripts error logs of PHP scripts when errors occur.


Records processes to the file when PHP scripts were taking sixty or more seconds process. This can be debugging performance issues such as memory leaks.

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