We use chef for managing each server configurations on AMIMOTO AMI.

You should modify server settings on /opt/local/amimoto.json. You can modify settings on /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf or /etc/nginx/nginx.conf, but when you launch or restart instance, the server runs provision and overwrite any modifications on them to server default.

Please check editable value on /opt/local/amimoto.json on the following page:

How to modify /opt/local/amimoto.json

1. SSH access to the server:

$ssh -i ~/.ssh/path-to-keyfile.pem ec2-user@SERVER-IP-ADDRESS

2. Switching user to root:

$sudo su -

3. Edit /opt/local/amimoto.json:

# vi /opt/local/amimoto.json

Please check editable values listed Launch-with-1-Click/lw1-amimoto.

4. Save changes:

[ESC] → [Shift]+[Z]+[Z]

5. Applying changes:

# /opt/loca/provision

6. Restart nginx、php-fpm

#service monit stop;
 #service nginx restart;
 #service php-fpm restart;
 #service monit sart;

7. Check changes

You can check your changes using
 # cat /etc/nginx/nginx.conf.
Also, place a phpinfo.php file in /var/www/vhosts/example.com/ then access it to check modified PHP.ini value.


Enabling PHP 7.1 on AMIMOTO AMI (HVM/PVM)

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