AMIMOTO WooCommerce Enterprise Hosting plan provides an all-in-one eCommerce Stack for WooCommerce Enterprises.

Signing up for AMIMOTO WooCommerce Enterprise Hosting plan includes the following services:

  • Enhanced Search Engine: Elasticommerce Search Service.  Elasticommerce Search Service provides precise search results. By monitoring and visualizing search results and conversions, you can easily customise search result for your conversion achievement.
  • Enhanced Recommendation Engine: Elasticommerce Related Item Service Provides customers’ related items results. Not only this service is useful for shopping, but it’s also handy for related blog posts. Using Enhanced Recommendation Engine, you can pick up your favorite items.
  • AutoScale The enterprise architecture delivers high performance that withstand rapid access increase or unexpected failure. You can operate flexible, fast and safe WordPress websites, taking full advantage of the service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • CDN. CloudFront enabled. CDN makes your WordPress deliver fast contents even with the same resources and machine specification.It copies your content and deliver them to end users using global network distributed in locations around the world such as USA (20), South America (1), Asia (10), Australia (1) and Europe (14), and delivers static files much faster.
  • SSL Digital Certificate. SSL provides strong encryption to keep all customer transactions secure. Even at a low cost, quick enrolment is guaranteed with automated domain control validation.
  • Enterprise Support. Our AWS certified professional engineers with years of WordPress & WooCommerce experience are in charge of our code review service, server management, support for regular WordPress version update and offer one-stop technical support for AMIMOTO AMI users. This ensures that you are provided with the best practice for WordPress operation or development.

Visit WooCommerce Enterprise Plan to sign up and get more details.

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