Of course!

All sites we host have various sizes of media files. We value the importance of videos, audio and photos in the growth of our clients’ businesses.

What type of CDN do you use? 

Amimoto WordPress Cloud Hosting comes with WP Booster CDN for all kinds of Amimoto hosting plans. Whether you’re on the self-hosting or managed hosting plan, you will receive this upon installation of your WordPress site.

Why is it fast? 

Your WP Booster CDN that comes with the Amimoto package helps deliver contents faster by communicating to a web browser’s nearest server. It is designed for flexibility that can handle sudden spikes and high volume traffic. These characteristics of WP Booster CDN that we use in Amimoto Hosting makes the loading time much faster for a better user experience, whether you have pre-recorded files, live media or even both.

Where is your CDN located? 

WP Booster CDN has global edge networks located in 20 areas in USA, South America (1), Asia (10), Australia (1) and Europe (14). You can view the full details in WP Booster CDN homepage. 

In some hosting services, clients have to set up their DNS or modify it, but with Amimoto’s WP Booster CDN, you simply have to enter your API key.

What is the cost to get WP Booster CDN to my Amimoto Hosted Site? 

For AMIMOTO Managed Hosting Single Instance Plan and Multi-Instance Plan, please visit http://www.wpbooster.net/fixed-charge-plans/ for the pricing.

How do I activate my WP Booster CDN?

Upon installation, you get the whole Amimoto package including plugins for the best performance. Simply login to your WordPress site, activate the plugins and you can get started. When you activate WP Booster CDN from your WordPress site, enter your API key and it’s good to go.

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