Definitely! For sites with thousands of HD videos and photos, Amimoto WordPress Hosting can absolutely handle that.

There is EBS for General Purpose SSD Volume with 1 TB maximum. You may also add another storage option to your instance such as S3.

We don’t want our clients to feel restricted on how many they can upload, that’s why we choose the most powerful cloud storage, AWS S3. Its capacity is more than 5,000 TB, which is equivalent to 1.6 Billion HD photos, 25 million songs, and over 1.2 million DVD films (2 hours duration each).

We want our clients to receive the highest performing storage out there, for best site experience. With that said, our users can feel more comfortable in uploading videos, photos, audio, etc. of various sizes. We want our customers to have fun with our service, by having total freedom in selecting any type media files for their sites.

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