Using phpMyAdmin

On AMIMOTO, phpMyAdmin is available but disabled by default. To access phpMyAdmin you'll need SSH access and modify one line in the NGINX config file.

Check our how-to guide for enabling access to phpMyAdmin.

Using WP-CLI

Now an official part of the project, WP-CLI is a great tool for using common WordPress features from the command line.

Using WP-CLI users can export databases for a quick backup, create new users, delete spam comments and more.

One of the most common and helpful features we use as the AMIMOTO support team is the database export function. Run this command in the root directory of your WordPress install to export your sites database.

wp db export

For more help using WP-CLI on AMIMOTO check out our docs or the official guide.

Using MySQL

If you are running a single AMI without Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) you can access MySQL directly.

The credentials for MySQL commands are located in the root directory of your WordPress install in the local-config.php file.

This files contains your WordPress database username and password and is the same credentials to access MySQL.

Log into MySQL

mysql -u username -p

Export a single/specific Database

mysqldump -u username -p database-name > /path/to/export.sql

For more help using MySQL directly check their official docs or this handy user contributed cheat sheet.

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