There are a couple of ways to discard your WordPress site that you’ve created in Amimoto.

I want to discard the WordPress site and leave the instance as it is

If you already installed multiple WordPress sites with virtual host or something, and want to discard some of them, after ssh login,

# Change to the root user
$ sudo su -
$ cd /var/www/vhosts
# If the deleting target direcotry is
$ Rm -rf

Delete the target directory like above.

*This will not remove the following:

  • the database

When you build WordPress site with wp-setup on the same server, please note that you need to drop the database first and executing sudo wp-setup will overwrite the conf files.

I want to Terminate the EC2 instance

The EC2 instance may be discarded from the AWS Management Console.

At the AWS Management Console, choose the AWS Region where the instance for deletion is located. Then select EC2 to direct you to the EC2 Dashboard.

Select the instance for termination and click > Actions > Instance State > Terminate. 

A confirmation screen will appear where you may review the instance details for termination. Make sure this is the correct instance before proceeding to click > Yes, Terminate. 

Once the instance is terminated, you can no longer use it and you also stop getting billed. In about 10-20 minutes, you will still see this terminated instance on your instances list, after that time period it will disappear on its own.

Please refer to AWS Documentation for more details:

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