WP-CLI is available on all versions of AMIMOTO after version 1.1.0. With WP-CLI you can manage your WordPress installation, database tables, and more. These functions are available via SSH on your server. While using WP-CLI to manage your database the credentials found in your wp-config.php or local-config.php are used.

Common WP-CLI Commands

Exporting Database


wp db export example.sql

Importing Database


wp db import example.sql

You must first upload the new database onto the server which can be done on any self-hosting AMI with SFTP using your server key.

Replace Strings in Database


For example, you wish to move your WordPress site to another server and change the URL from http://example.com to http://example.jp.

wp search-replace 'http://example.com' 'http://example.jp' --skip-columns=guid

Serialized strings also replaces rightly.
With --dry-run option, you can see the result without executing the actual replacement.

Resetting password (in case the mail address is wrong)


wp user update  --user_pass=marypass

<user> is the login name or mail address or user ID.
--user_pass option is the new password.

Optimizing database


wp db optimize

These are just a few WP-CLI commands. If you're just learning how to use WP-CLI we suggest spinning up an on demand AMIMOTO AMI and testing it out. It's a great way to learn and experiment. 


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