1. Login to AMIMOTO Dashboard


2. Navigate to [Manage]


3. Click [Statistics] to check last data transfer amount

Let's check latest data transfer before cancelling the option.

You can check data transfer in last 12 month.
This server has 700GB/month CDN transfer, and current transfer amount is approximately 0GB.


4.  Click [Subscription]


5. Let's check current option.

Contracted 500GB of CDN additional transfers.


6. Click [Cancel] button to cancel option.


 7. Confirm the updated subscription.


8.  [利用状況] に移動し、 CDN 転送量合計からオプション分の転送量が正しく削除されていることを確認してください。

That's all for cancelling CDN optional service.

Checkout following document when you need to purchase this option again.
Adding CDN transfers/bandwidth

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